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The Slow Motion Race Game

The Slow Motion Race Game

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Ready, set, slow! It's a race to the finish with a really unusual twist. The slow-motion race game is a laugh-out-loud race to the finish line. To play the game, 2 kids put on the speed-monitoring headbands. Then they press the button, listen for the music, and race to the trophy in slow motion. Don't go too fast because the headband will Buzz. If it does, a player has to freeze until the buzzing stops. Kids can boost the hilarity by pumping their arms as if they're running during the race. The first player to grab the trophy, wins.
Play it with family or friends: The Slow-Motion Race Game is fun for adults and kids alike, for aged 8 and up
Product dimensions: ‎6.35 x 26.67 x 26.67 cm
Includes 2 speed-monitoring headbands and trophy-shaped game rules.
2 Players

Ages 8 and above

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