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The Big 5

The Big 5

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Include: 5 Secret Identity Cards, 65 Game Cards & 1 Instruction Manual
You begin the game with a secret identity card (one of the big 5 animals) distributed to you. On your turn, connect your game cards to a card in the 5 by 5 grid either horizontally, vertically or diagonally and flip any one card over, to its face up or down position. Players must continue to add and flip cards until a player has a family of 5 of their animals on the grid and wins!
THE BIG 5 is for those who love secret identities and fooling others! Strategize as you flip cards and swap identities to be the first player with a family of 5 animals! Get ready to compete to reign the savannas!
Product Dimension 14 L x 19 H x 5 W cm

Ages 6 and above

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