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Poop Shoot

Poop Shoot

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Hi folks, meet The Toilet Tank! He's the talking toilet who loves to play. It's up to you and one other player to get your fun flingers and form a doo-doo duo! Be the first player to launch all six of your poopy projectiles into The Toilet Tank's mouth. Powered by two AAA batteries, The Toilet Tank will cheer you on as you take aim, ready, and fire away! This family dexterity game helps children develop fine motor skills, and it's finished in a flash. Sink your last floater and win the game! Don't forget to flush! When you pull The Toilet Tank's lever, he'll always have something to say. Shoot the Poop is a fast-playing game of reflex and humor. Play with 1 child or friend for some fun and a little bit of toilet humor. Age 5+

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