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Magic Moves Rainbow Jam Handheld

Magic Moves Rainbow Jam Handheld

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Dimension : 30 H x 18 L cm
It is a colored Groovin' Jam sessions where children make their own colorful music
Two game modes: Instrument mode (each color has its own note and you can compose your own songs). mode and song (each color has its own song)
Rainbow Jam works with colors in the real world. Touch any object around youyour sweater, a book, a chairto get a melodic surprise
It features 9 unique songs in different musical styles - Rock, Latin, Jazz, Country, and much more
It reinforces color learning skills, improves listening, and offers an opportunity for musical creation
Includes beautifully-illustrated, 16-page musical activity book filled with age-appropriate games and challenges
Free downloadable songs and coloring pages available online

Ages 3 and above

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