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Alphabet Fun

Alphabet Fun

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This colorful set of 78 puzzle cards provide children with an excellent way to learn letter and word recognition. The 26 sets of 3 piece match-up puzzles have beautiful illustrations. Simply match the three pieces together to complete the puzzle.

Many ways to play –

Ask the kids to identify the objects in the picture cards.
Take any letter card and ask the kids to name different things starting with that letter.
Spread the letter and picture cards. Ask the kids to match the pictures with their starting alphabet.
Take out all the letter cards and shuffle them. Ask the kids to arrange all the letter cards in alphabetical order.
Choose a sequence of 4 to 5 letter cards. Ask the kids to identify the letters that precede and follow the sequence.
Create a ssequence of 4 to 5 letter cards. Ask the kids to close their eyes. Remove any letter from the sequence. Ask the kids to open their eyes and identify the missing letter.
Memory game - Mix all the letter and picture cards and lay them face down. The first player turns any 2 cards. If the letter and picture cards match, the player will keep the set and continue playing. If the letter and picture cards do not match, keep them face down again. Keep playing till all the cards are matched. The player with the highest number of sets wins.

Ages 3 and above 

Product Dimensions ‎26 x 21 x 4 cm

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