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Frozen Snowflake Catch

Frozen Snowflake Catch

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Catch Frozen snowflakes: in this action ring toss game, players wear an Olaf headband and try to catch as many snowflakes as possible on Olaf's twig. Kids and families will have a blast playing this simple, yet wildly fun game!
Multiple ways to play: Play snowflake catch multiple ways! Split up into teams, decide who wears the Olaf headband and see which team can get the most snowflakes on Olaf's twig. Alternatively, play with only one other friend and take turns wearing the Olaf headband. Everyone can have a turn pretending to be Olaf and everyone gets a turn throwing snowflakes. Win-win!

Packaging dimension 26.5 x 6 x 26.5 cm

Ages 5 and above

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