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Dinosaur Painting Kit

Dinosaur Painting Kit

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Ages 6 and above

Want to keep dinosaur fans entertained for countless hours? The dinosaur painting kit is the perfect gift for dinosaur fans who loves crafting. With 3 large dinosaurs and 12 smaller dinosaurs, a dinosaur fan can have endless of fun. He/She can choose up to 12 different paints, and create whatever design they want.  

Paints will dry up quick within minutes once they're applied, so they will not have to wait to play with the dinosaurs. And, the paints are easy to clean. 


Dinosaurs are made out of Gypsum
Package Includes: 

3 Large Dinosaurs: (Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex and Stegosaurus)
12 Smaller Dinosaurs
6 x 5mL color pigments
6 x 3mL color pigments
Flat blue brush 
Round head blue brush 
Green Palette
Poster Painting Guide

Gift Wrapping

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